I Can
I Will
I Do

“It is all about respect, discipline, working hard, and reaching your goals. They meet your kids where they are and help them develop themselves into great people.”

- Heather B.

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful Ricky is, Ricky is an amazing teacher and motivator, he keeps them working hard and wanting to learn more. Blessed for having him in our lives!”

- Salma M.

“Hands down some of the best instructors I’ve come in contact with. Absolutely 5-star service”

- Monica B.

“I’ve been Vianca’s client just since September 23rd of this year and I’ve already lost 34 pounds. I would highly recommend Vianca to anyone who is interested in losing weight or just eating a healthy diet.”

-John S.

"Vianca is the consummate coach — she’s with you 100% of the way. I would recommend her highly to anybody who has struggled with literally every diet or weight loss program out there."

Our Mission

KenZen-Do is translated to “the way of a healthy mind and a healthy body”. Our goal is to teach karate to all ages and skill levels through the mantra of “I Can I Will, I Do”. In addition, we provide nutrition counseling for the complete wellness experience.

Our instructors achieve a healthy mind and healthy body through martial arts training and proper nutrition. We practice traditional martial arts techniques with a modern day approach.

Our mission is to pass on the many lessons that have benefited our own lives. We pay this forward by providing confidence through competence.