Terms and Conditions

Notice of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Our business registration number is E5236.

We are not required to carry a performance bond under the Maryland Health Club Services law because we do not accept more than three months payments in advance and we do not charge initiation fees.

As required under Maryland Law, you may cancel this contract without penalty or further obligation within three (3) days from the date of this agreement. Notice of Cancellation must be in writing and must be sent by Certified Mail or hand-delivered to KenZen-Do, L.L.C, 5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite T-200, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. You are entitled to a full refund of the first month’s payment received if cancellation is received within three (3) business days.


Terms and Conditions

I fully understand that under the terms of this agreement, KenZen-Do Karate and Foxhall Wellness obligates
itself to provide me with competent instruction and location for all lessons. Qualified personnel will supervise all
class sessions. The student/parent of the student in the case of a minor, hereby represents that the person taking
the Masters of Motion classes is/are physically fit to take these classes.

I understand and agree that the facility will not be held liable for injuries, damages, etc., not cause by or resulting
from the negligence of the owners, operators, employees, volunteers and/or persons in charge of the facility.

I understand that this contract will automatically renew each month, on the payment date listed above, under
tuition agreement. KenZen-Do must receive 30 days written notice should I wish to cancel this agreement. Notice
must be sent via mail to our mailing address, listed below or through our website.

Be advised that, for their own safety, students should arrive no less than ten (10) minutes prior to the beginning
of class and must be picked up no later than ten (10) minutes after class has ended. All students must be dropped
off in the drop-off area on the side of our building. No student shall enter the building through the main entrance
of the building.

I understand that the monthly tuition includes two (2) classes per week, per student at the scheduled time for each
students age level. I understand that monthly tuition is not affected by the lesson schedule and/or attendance of
the student. I understand that failure to complete my lessons does not relieve me of my financial obligation under
this contract. Any account more than ten (10) days past due will be charged a late fee of $15.00. All late fees
and/or bank fees will be added to the monthly balance. Any credit card chargeback will be assessed a fee of
$35.00. KenZen-Do Karate and Foxhall Wellness are not responsible for any fees incurred by the buyer.