Mr Ricky Feizbakhsh and Ms Vianca Valis are amazing martial arts teachers. They both taught both my kids from when they were 3. They teach core martial arts skills and key social and emotional learning for the kids. It is all about respect, discipline, working hard, and reaching your goals. They meet your kids where they are and help them develop themselves into great people. Whether it is first time listening or honoring your belt - by honoring everything you do - these are life lesson taught in a fun and learnable way. Thank you to both for all you do and excited to follow you as you continue to do great work!

- Heather B.

“Need a boost for your child’s Self esteem? Self defense? Discipline? Ricky is your guy!! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Ricky is, Ricky is an amazing teacher and motivator, he keeps them working hard and wanting to learn more. Blessed for having him in our lives!”

- Salma M.

“Not only is this school preparing you with self defense , but the staff is building your confidence. Hands down some of the best instructors I’ve come in contact with. Absolutely 5 star service”

- Monica B. 

“I had been trying to lose weight for a year but despite eating healthy foods, I was making very little progress. When my cardiologist suggested I see Vianca Valis, a nutritionist working out of his suite of offices, I decided to take his advice. I’ve been Vianca’s client just since September 23rd of this year and I’ve already lost 34 pounds. She has given me a daily calorie limit and a nutrition plan, which includes a limit on the number of carbohydrates and fats I should consume daily and an increase in the amount of protein I should consume every day. I would highly recommend Vianca to anyone who is interested in losing weight or just eating a healthy diet.

- John S.

I don’t participate in the karate activities that Vianca Valis teaches — though I would if she taught closer☺️☺️. I want to write about Vianca’s amazing coaching skills in helping me to lose weight and develop life long skills to take care of my physical and emotional health. She is a committed and compassionate coach who has so much patience and creativity in getting a program set up for you that works where you are as an individual. She doesn’t take a one size fits all approach. She listens. She thinks through your problems and then patiently works with you to avoid pitfalls like holiday and special event meals that could bomb your best planned prep strategies. Vianca is the consummate coach — she’s with you 100% of the way. You go to your appointment — which may include a walk — wow!! Or maybe a coping strategy situation — what’s on that restaurant menu and what’s going to be good for your eating plan? Going to Vianca means a personalized, thoughtful approach to help you on your nutrition and health journey. I would recommend her highly to anybody who has struggled with literally every diet or weight loss program out there. Vianca is not those programs but she’s so knowledgeable about those programs and what these programs will NOT do for you! Vianca rocks!!

-Kate H.