Mr Ricky Feizbakhsh and Ms Vianca Valis are amazing martial arts teachers. They both taught both my kids from when they were 3. They teach core martial arts skills and key social and emotional learning for the kids. It is all about respect, discipline, working hard, and reaching your goals. They meet your kids where they are and help them develop themselves into great people. Whether it is first time listening or honoring your belt - by honoring everything you do - these are life lesson taught in a fun and learnable way. Thank you to both for all you do and excited to follow you as you continue to do great work!

- Heather B.

“Need a boost for your child’s Self esteem? Self defense? Discipline? Ricky is your guy!! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Ricky is, Ricky is an amazing teacher and motivator, he keeps them working hard and wanting to learn more. Blessed for having him in our lives!”

- Salma M.

“Not only is this school preparing you with self defense , but the staff is building your confidence. Hands down some of the best instructors I’ve come in contact with. Absolutely 5 star service”

- Monica B.