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Ages 13+

Whether you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of traditional Chinese martial arts or enhance your overall well-being, KenZen-Do’s Qigong and Tai Chi Classes offer a comprehensive approach to health and harmony. These classes focus on more than just movement—they foster a connection between mind, body, and spirit, enhancing your balance, calming your mind, and strengthening your body. Each session is designed to improve flexibility, reduce stress, and increase vitality, embodying the philosophy of mindful movement.

Join us at KenZen-Do, where each class is a step towards inner peace and physical resilience. Welcome to a community where the journey to health and tranquility is embraced with every graceful movement.

Experience Wellness: Tai Chi & Qigong Benefits for All Ages:

  • Yang Tai Chi and Sun Style Techniques
  • Tai Chi Sword and Fan Applications
  • Enhanced Muscle Tone and Flexibility
  • Improved Mental Focus and Concentration
  • Suitable for All Ages, Including Seniors and Teens
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation Techniques

Our Tai Chi and Qigong classes are perfect for individuals of all ages—from teens to seniors. The sessions cater to beginners and experienced practitioners, focusing on slow, flowing movements that promote health, reduce stress, and increase vitality.

Why Choose KenZen-Do’s Qigong and Tai Chi Classes?

Choosing KenZen-Do’s Qigong and Tai Chi classes means embarking on a path that nurtures both your physical and spiritual well-being. You will study under the expert guidance of Raymond Lee, a ninth-degree black belt who shares with our students a rich martial arts heritage dating back to 1967.

We provide a calm and structured environment that encourages each participant to explore their potential and deepen their practice. Join us at KenZen-Do and take meaningful steps toward mastering Qigong and Tai Chi in a community that values harmony, mindfulness, and continuous personal growth.

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KenZen-Do FAQs

All About Tai Chi
and Qigong

You’ll learn various Tai Chi and Qigong techniques that enhance balance, flexibility, and mental focus—perfect for holistic wellness.

These classes are ideal for anyone ages 13 and up, including seniors looking for gentle exercises to maintain mobility and balance.

Tai Chi and Qigong improve muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and mental concentration, contributing to overall physical and mental health.

No prior experience is required. Our martial art classes cater to all skill levels, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners.

Our classes are led by Raymond Lee, a martial arts expert with more than five decades of experience, ensuring a deep and authentic learning experience.

Join us at our martial art school in Chevy Chase, MD. We welcome participants from all over, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, and the wider Washington, DC area.

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