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Available Classes:

Mini: Ages 3-4

THE FUN STARTS HERE! Mini Masters look people in the eye and use their words. Develop skills like stillness for concentration and growing past obstacles such as separation anxiety. Through movement our students learn how to grow in a fun, safe, and clean environment.

Mighty: Ages 5-7

GET READY TO KICK, JUMP AND FLY! We set the foundation of having a healthy mind and body by focusing on a variety of different movements. Our program will build confidence and develop leadership skills like problem solving. Learning to say "I Can, I Will, I do" and having FUN doing it!! 

Youth: Ages 8-12

I CAN! I WILL! I DO! Every black belt started as a white belt, and the ultimate goal of a white belt is to be a black belt. Our students in this program build confidence by setting goals and achieving them. This program builds confidence, concentration, and grit. 

Teen/Adult: Ages 13+

Through the movements of Karate the students improve fitness, increase self-confidence and reduce stress. Learn the art of Karate and learn to have a "I Can, I Will, I Do" mindset.


Free Introductory Lesson

Unsure about committing to class membership? We offer one free trial class for anyone who is interested in becoming a student at KenZen-Do.

Private Lessons

Learn to use your body through a variety of movements with the watchful eye of our Master Instructor. Whether you need extra practice, some individual attention or are getting ready for an exam, your lesson will focus on your individual needs and goals. The direct and specific feedback that you will receive will help you excel in your training.

Ki Movement Classes: 18+

A BODY IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION! These group classes are available to all age groups and are especially beneficial to older adults.

Loss of balance and strength can be a natural part of the aging process. Similar to Tai Chi, we use a series of gentle exercises, movements and stretching for those who wish to improve or maintain their balance, strength and mobility. Learning these skills can help to improve blood flow, reduce stress and improve your overall well being.

Perfect for anyone dealing with the effects of Parkinson's Disease, Stroke or other issues. If you are interested in practicing mindfulness and reducing stress while focusing on your well being, this is the program for you.