Mini Masters: Ages 3-4

THE FUN STARTS HERE! Our students in this program build confidence by setting goals and achieving them.  Mini Masters look people in the eye and can stand still with discipline. They grow past obstacles such as separation anxiety and learn how to make friends in a fun, safe, and clean environment.

Mighty Masters: Ages 5-7

GET READY TO KICK, JUMP AND FLY! We set the foundations of having a healthy mind and body by focusing on a variety of different movements. We continue to build confidence through leadership skills and teamwork and prepare students for the Black Belt Masters program.


Black Belt Masters: Children (8-12) & Adult (13 and over)

I CAN! I WILL! I DO! Every black belt started as a white belt, and the ultimate goal of a white belt is to be a black belt. This program builds confidence, concentration, and grit. It teaches you to push through tough situations and develops skills to handle today's challenges.

Active Masters: Ages 18 and over

A BODY IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION! These classes focus on movement and flexibility while developing and maintaining strength and stability. We practice a combination of traditional non-contact forms and movements that helps with the aging process.

Lifestyle & Wellness Counseling-Ages 18 and over

HOW TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Wellness plans and lifestyle counseling that help achieve overall health and wellness goals. We provide customized programs that include weight management, meal planning, and lifestyle changes and provide continuous support throughout the whole process.