Martial Arts Training Center in Montgomery County Karate Classes Tailored for All Ages

Whether you’re stepping onto the mats for the first time or pushing your skills further, KenZen-Do is here to support your journey. Our training goes beyond physical strength; it’s about sparking an inner transformation. Every kick and block builds not just martial skill but also discipline, confidence, and focus. Our programs are tailored to inspire and challenge, creating a community that grows together. Here, every “I Can, I Will, I Do!” is cheered, and every session enhances your mental and physical agility.

Join us at KenZen-Do, where every day brings a new opportunity to excel. Welcome to your martial arts family, where we’re excited to start this journey with you.

Mini Masters | KenZen-Do Karate & Foxhall Wellness | Chevy Chase


AGES 3-4

Ki Movement for Older Adults | KenZen-Do Karate & Foxhall Wellness | Chevy Chase


Older Adults

One on One Classes | KenZen-Do Karate & Foxhall Wellness | Chevy Chase


Ages 18+

Discover the diverse range of programs we offer, tailored for all ages and skill levels. From young beginners in our Mini Masters to adults in our Ki Movement classes, each program is crafted to enhance not just martial arts skills but also personal growth and resilience. Join our supportive community and start your journey towards excellence and empowerment at KenZen-Do.


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Why choose Kenzen-Do for Your Martial Arts Journey?

Choosing KenZen-Do means embarking on a holistic martial arts journey that enhances mind, body, and spirit. Our dojo nurtures personal growth and discipline through a supportive community environment. Our seasoned instructors are dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and mastery across various martial arts disciplines.

We offer a comprehensive learning environment tailored to your goals, from increasing confidence to mastering self-defense. Join us at KenZen-Do, where every step in your martial arts journey strengthens both body and character in a community dedicated to respect, perseverance, and excellence.

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KenZen-Do FAQs

Your Questions, Answered

KenZen-Do offers martial arts classes for all ages, from children as young as four years old in our Mini Masters program to adults in our advanced martial arts sessions. We also offer ki movement classes for seniors looking for gentle, mobility-enhancing exercise.

Safety is our top priority. We maintain small class sizes, use state-of-the-art equipment, and our instructors are all certified with extensive safety training.

Joining our martial arts training center provides benefits like improved discipline, enhanced fitness, increased confidence, and a supportive community environment.

Martial arts beginners are always welcome at KenZen-Do! Our programs are designed to accommodate all skill levels, from novices to advanced martial arts students. Remember, every black belt started as a white belt, and the ultimate goal of a white belt is to become a black belt. We’re here to support your journey from the very first step.

At KenZen-Do, we focus on holistic development, integrating physical training with lessons in resilience, leadership, and community building.

KenZen-Do is proudly located in Chevy Chase, MD, steps from the Friendship Heights Metro. We welcome students and families from all nearby areas, including Bethesda, Silver Spring, Rockville, Potomac, and Washington DC. Our dojo offers programs tailored for every age group, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit from martial arts training. Join us to start your journey in a community-focused and supportive environment.

We want all students to feel assured that KenZen-Do is the right martial arts program for their needs. That’s why we offer you a free trial class. Book today for a no-pressure lesson and discover if KenZen-Do is right for you!

No! We believe our program should speak for itself. That’s why we offer month-to-month agreements. You can cancel at the end of any month.

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