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The Origin and Meaning behind KenZen-Do Karate

When deciding on a name for our Karate school, I contemplated the primary focus of what I want our students to walk away with.  I want the students to not only learn how to defend themselves but, more importantly, to integrate the teachings they learn into their daily lives in constructive ways.

Can Karate be more than just martial arts, or can it improve your life? For those who believe martial arts is just fighting, I propose the following question.

How many physical fights have you been in?

Most people answer with less than a handful.  So, why practice martial arts if you will use it so infrequently? There must be more to it than just the actual act of self-defense. Through the daily practice of Karate, practitioners started to realize how much it improved their overall wellness. Science has proven that certain stressors can cause the mind to release neurotoxins in the body.  Therefore, if your mind is healthy, it can help keep your body healthy, and thus, Karate can improve your life.  Through years of training, one can go through metamorphosis and transformation of the mind and body.  This creates a more confident person with enhanced concentration.  This creates the metahuman.

Self-Defense      Self-Awareness     Self-Confidence

These are all pathways to Self-improvement and creating the metahuman self that helps you on your journey to reaching your maximum potential in school, work, and daily life.

In Okinawa, where Karate originated, it was always taught to train both the mind as well as the body. Here in Chevy Chase, Maryland, “KenZen-Do Karate and Foxhall Wellness” focuses on a healthy mind to achieve a healthy body.

In conclusion, and without further ado, I introduce “KenZen-Do Karate.”

Kenzen” is a Japanese term used to describe health, both mentally and physically.  “Do” in Japanese means “the way.”  Simply said, KENZEN-DO means the WAY of HEALTH.  Through our organization, we hope our students can learn priceless and life long lessons of self-defense in both the physical and mental forms, to achieve true metaphysical health.

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