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If you say something is difficult, it will be difficult. Conversely, if you say something is easy, it will be easy. Your mindset, or how you perceive situations matters. 

For example, if you were asked to do 50 push-ups, your reaction might be: 50 push-ups? That is so many! How am I going to do 50 push-ups? When you start doing the push-ups, at some point during your set you will feel like you hit a wall. You already perceive the push-ups as something negative, so the mind starts looking for ways to stop and quit. What do you think will happen when you hit that wall? Do you keep going or do you stop? The odds that you stop are much higher since you already look at the push-ups as something negative. 

Now, what do you think will happen if your response is positive? Something like: No problem! I can handle that. This time, having looked at the push-ups in a positive manner, you are more likely to keep going, reach your goal and perhaps go beyond. It is really that simple! How we respond and look at things can help or hurt us in our pursuit of success. 

Therefore, in my school we say, “I can, I will, I do.” Responding to any request with a “I can, I will, I do” approach will give you a better chance at continuing when you hit the wall. It is always easier to stay positive if you start positive. Start with an “I can, I will, I do” and you will also see how much you will accomplish.  

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