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An Exclusive Interview with Master Ricky

The art of karate is as intricate as the journey of life, filled with lessons, challenges, and growth. Today, we get an insider’s view into the world of our Karate school and its leader. With 29 years of experience in teaching, his approach to karate and teaching is both unique and rooted in traditional values. Let’s dive into the conversation!

Interviewer: To begin, could you tell us about your teaching philosophy, especially when it comes to children?

Owner: Absolutely! I firmly believe in developing a “Growth Mindset” in my students. This mindset fosters a culture where they can build their confidence, improve their concentration, and master the art of managing their emotions. Perseverance is the key, and that’s what I aim to cultivate in each one of them.

Interviewer: That sounds truly inspiring. With so many students of varying abilities, how do you manage each class?

Owner: Our school thrives on a belt hierarchy system. Higher belts have the responsibility of guiding the lower belts. This creates an environment where students learn not only from the instructor but also from each other. Apart from building their karate skills, it’s also a platform for them to develop leadership qualities.

Interviewer: Speaking of classes, can parents be a part of this learning journey by observing?

Owner: While we are primarily a drop-off program, we have seating outside for parents. My door is always open for any queries or concerns they might have.

Interviewer: Lastly, how do you ensure that the age-old values of karate are integrated into your lessons?

Owner: Our student creed is simple but powerful – Patience, Training, and Character. Every class reinforces values like respect, discipline, and perseverance. I Can. I Will. I Do!

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