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Dedication, discipline, and growth – these are the pillars that our karate school stands on. Today, we speak with the school’s owner, who has dedicated almost three decades to teaching karate, to understand his insights and visions.

Interviewer: You’ve been in this field for an impressive 29 years! How do you keep your teaching techniques updated?

Owner: That’s right! Besides my passion for karate, I am also a professional teacher with a degree in Elementary Education. This academic background fuels my dedication to consistently fine-tune and elevate my teaching methodologies.

Interviewer: Safety is a primary concern for many parents. How do you ensure the same during lessons?

Owner: Every class is under the supervision of an Adult Black Belt. For sparring sessions, protective gear is a must. And for Jujutsu, we have padded mats in place for safe falling and tumbling.

Interviewer: Behavioral issues are inevitable with a mix of ages and personalities. How do you address them?

Owner: I view behavioral issues as teaching opportunities. The design of our classes is such that students remain engaged, and there’s a strong emphasis on self-responsibility. The lessons they learn in class? They can carry those into their daily lives.

Interviewer: And how often can students expect to be tested for belt promotions?

Owner: Every three months, we have belt promotions. It’s a moment of pride and accomplishment for our students and us.

Interviewer: In conclusion, any message for our readers?

Owner: Karate is more than just kicks and punches. It’s about character, respect, and perseverance. Our dojo is a sanctuary for growth, and everyone is welcome to be a part of this beautiful journey.

Join us and let’s grow together!

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